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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Core Tray End Labels – 100

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Tyvek core tray end labels with pre printed text. Ideal to be attached to the end of core trays to allow geologists and surveyors to make note on the core trays contents. Sold in lots of 100 labels.

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Labels made from tyvek for attaching the ends of geological drill core trays and boxes. The labels are a bright yellow with pre-printed black text and space for geologists and surveyors to write on additional notes. The text featured is as follows:


Made form tyvek, the material is waterproof, heat proof and can be written on by any writing instrument. They can either be glued to core trays or stapled to wooden or corrugate plastic core trays. Supplied in lots of 100 labels best used with permanent marker pens with a medium size tip.

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