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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”


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• Geological Age: Upper Aptian stage, Cretaceous period, 120 to 112 million years ago.
• Location: Faringdon sponge gravel beds, Oxfordshire, UK.
• Family: Sea sponge
• Species: Corynella

Corynella fossil sea sponge specimens found in the Faringdon sponge gravel beds in Oxfordshire, UK. The samples exhibit a column like form and are known as chambered sponges, ideal to exhibit various sponge appearances, they are an earthy brown colour and measure between 40 to 50 mm in size and come supplied in card tray with a label.

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Corynella is a species of extinct sea sponge which lived during the upper Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period. These particular fossil specimens were found in the famous Faringdon Sponge Gravels in Oxfordshire, UK. They exhibit a tubular, column like form, known as a chambered sponge and are an earthy brown colour. The samples measure approximately 40 to 50 mm in size and are excellent for educational use to display the variety sponges can appear in through the fossil record. Each piece will come supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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