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Estwing Crack Hammer EB3/4LB

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Estwing EB3/4LB is a 2lb (1800 grams) weight hammer with a short handle and two flat faces on the head. It is ideal strictly for heavy duty tasks where damage is required over preservation or for work on heavy duty plant machinery. As such, this model of hammer is more suitable for professionals only as opposed to use by students. The handle features a anti shock vinyl grip handle which offers comfort as well as being easily visible should you misplace it.

Technical Specification:

  • Model – EB3/4LB
  • Head weight – 1800 grams (4 lb)
  • Construction – Drop forge
  • Material – American steel
  • Finish: Steel, coated blue
  • Handle – steel with anti-shock vinyl grip
  • Edge – two flat faces
  • Made in the United States of America
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The Estwing EB3/4LB is a specialist strike tool with a heavy weight, making it suitable only for professional geological work and machine repairs. It features a 4lb (1800 gram) head weight with a double flat face. Manufactured in the USA utilising Estwings patented drop forge technique with American steel, this hammer will deliver extremely heavy blows with each strike, at the expense of some control. Due to this, the hammer is much more suitable for use where heavy force is required such as areas with extremely hard rock geology or in mine sites etc, where maximum damage is required as well as . The head and shafted are coated in anti UV blue paint and the tool features an anti shock vinyl handle which is also blue, making the hammer visible should you accidentally misplace it.

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Weight 2500 g


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