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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Crinoid Stems – Lancashire

• Geological Age: Carboniferous Period
• Location: Lancashire, UK
• Family: Echinoderm
• Species: Crinoid

Crinoid stem fossils collected from Lancashire, UK. These fossil specimens from the Silurian period, exhibit the segmented nature of crinoid stems, varying between 30 to 50 mm in length and 10 to 20 mm in diameter, the samples are supplied in optional weights, making them perfect where a certain amount is needed for an economical costs, such as for schools, kits and more. The samples will come supplied in a bag with a data label.

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Crinoid stem fossils from Lancahsire in the UK, these excellent fossil specimens show the stems of crinoids, a species of echinoderms, similar to brittle stars and star fish from the Carboniferous period during the Mississippian stage. They show the segments which make up the stem very well, with lengths ranging from 30 mm to 50 mm in size. Crinoid stems are a useful zoning fossil, these samples tend to be a little thicker compared to our samples from Morocco and are supplied by weight, ideal for educational use, kits, packs and more, where a quantity of them may be required without costing too much. Collected from Clitheroe, in the UK, the pieces will come supplied in a polythene bag with a label.

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