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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Crocodile Bone Fossil – Morocco

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Fossilised Bone remains belonging to an unknown species of crocodile from the Cretaceous beds of Morocco. Genuinely textured, this piece would make a great addition to a display collection. Comes supplied with an information label.

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Fossilised limb bone belonging to an undetermined species of crocodyliform, which was found in Morocco. The locality - the Kem Kem Beds - suggests this crocodile is of Cretaceous age, by which time a plethora of similar reptiles inhabited this part of Morocco: These range from Araripesuchus rattoides to Hamadasuchus rebouli - two very different crocodilians. Crocodiles, as we know them today, emerged in the Jurassic period with the genus Neosuchia. From this point on, they evolved very slowly, and along with Sharks are a relic of a bygone age of reptile. Crocodiles have existed in Morocco during the Paleogene, with the West African Crocodile thriving alongside its Nile counterpart. This specimen measures 230 x 90 x 70 mm and weighs 540 grams. The bone is light in colour and shows some damage in the form of fractures, although this likely occurred during fossilisation. Comes Supplied with an information label.

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