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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Crocodile tooth – Florida

Species Name: Crocodile tooth

Family: Crocodilian

Age: Miocene, Bone Valley Formation

Location: Polk County, Florida, USA

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Crocodile tooth collected from the Miocene Bone Valley Formation in Polk County, Florida, USA. These teeth are in good condition and we have large and small specimens available: Large measure between 20 - 30 mm and Small between 8 - 15 mm in length. The teeth are clearly indicative of a carnivorous diet; long and sharp, designed to penetrate, grip and tear flesh. Some of the smaller specimens are somewhat rounded and more " bullet shaped ", these teeth are usually positioned at the rear end of the jaw in modern crocodiles. The bone valley formation in which the teeth were found is a shallow marine deposit situated in Florida USA, it is very popular among geologists, not only for the fossils which it yields but also its economical phosphorite deposits.

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