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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Crocodile Vertebra – Florida

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Species Name: Crocodile Vertebra

Family: Crocodilian

Age: Miocene, Bone Valley Formation

Location: Polk County, Florida, USA

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Crocodile vertebra collected from the Miocene Bone Valley Formation in Polk County, Florida, USA. Overall, these vertebrae are of study grade meaning they are not 'A' grade specimens but are still adequate for study use. They have retained their overall shape and some of the main morphological features can be established. The vertebrae measure between 20 - 25 mm in length and two specimens are supplied together in a small plastic bag with an information label. The bone valley formation in which the vertebra were found is a shallow marine deposit situated in Florida USA, it is very popular among geologists, not only for the fossils which it yields but also its economical phosphorite deposits.

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