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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Cut and Polished Ammonite Matching Pair


• Geological Age: Lower Cretaceous period, 110 to 102 million years old

• Location: Mahajanga Province, Madagascar

• Family: Ammanoid

• Species: Cleoniceras

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A display piece of a large cut and polished ammonite from Madagascar. Ammonites were a group marine molluscs which inhabited the ocean from the Devonian period up until the Cretaceous – Paleogene extinction event. These samples are of cleoniceras an extinct species of ammonite and are approximately 110 – 102 million years old dating them to the Cretaceous period, they come from the Mahajanga Province, Madagascar. The specimens are approximately 18 cm in diameter and approximately 2 cm in width, each slice weighs roughly 730 grams. This piece has been cut and polished to give a smooth and attractive appearance, the cut also allows one to clearly see the internal structure of the fossil. This matching pair would be an excellent addition to the home of any collector. This piece is also supplied with an information label and display stands for presentation.

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