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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Dactylioceras Athleticum Ammonite Slab

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• Geological Age: Jurassic age,165 million years old.
• Location: Schlaifhausen, Germany.
• Species: Dactylioceras athleticum.

A large slab found in Germany, feautring numerous dactylioceras athleticum fossil ammonites, the slab measures 60 cm in length and weighs 18 kg, a fine addition to a collection or home where it will be easily visible, sure to turn heads and be a talking piece. These excellent fossils from the Jurassic period are easily visible, between 2 to 7 cm and have been professionally prepped. Supplied with a free metal stand.

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Dactylioceras athleticum are a species of ammonite which were widespread during the lower Jurassic period and are found on many continents, their name is derived from the word ‘dactyl’ meaning finger, a reference to the ribbing on their shells, which resemble fingers. This particular slab was found in Schlaifhausen, Germany and has been profesisonally prepped to allow you to view the majority of the ammonite fossils within which are both complete and fragments. they are of excellent quality, clear morphological details can easily be seen with the naked eye, this is also aided by the fact that the ammonite shells generally vary between 20 mm to 70 mm in size. They are within a sandy limestone matrix and thus have a brown sandy colour. Overall, this superb fossil slab measures 60 x 34 x 9 cm in size and comes in at a hefty 18 kilograms.This excellent display piece will surley make an eye catching addition to any collection or even if you are not interested much in geology or fossils, it will certainly be a talking piece and is sure to turn heads where ever you decide to place it. Supplied with a free metal stand, this is an excellent piece to behold.

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