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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Deadblow Hammer – 1 lb


An anti-static styrene-butadiene rubber coated deadblow hammer with a 1 lb (500g) weight, the hammer is constructed out of a single piece of metal and contains steel shot in the head which reduces bounce back and increases the force of each strike. These hammers are ideal for putting together UCP core tray with out damage or injury.


  • Head weight: 1 lb 20 oz (500 grams)
  • Head hardness: Shore A80-90
  • Handle: Anti vbration
  • Dimensions: 286 x 92 x 38 mm (L x W x H)

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A rubber coated 1 lb (500 gram) deadblow hammer which is ideal for use alongside UCP core tray to assist users in the core tray assembly. These deadblow hammers are coated in anti-static styrene-butadiene rubber which surrounds a single piece of metal which reduces the risk of the hammer breaking or causing injury. The head of the hammer contains steel shot, which offers extra force with each strike with minimal effort as well as absorbing vibrations, thus reducing bounce back. The rubber grip on the handle allows you to keep a firm grip of the hammer whilst in use.

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Weight 600 g