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Diplocynodon hantoniensis Jaw Fragment

Species Name: Diplocynodon hantoniensis

Family: Alligatoroid

Age: Oligocene

Location: Hamstead, Isle of Wight

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Diplocynodon hantoniensis jaw fragment collected from the Oligocene Hamstead Beds of Hamstead, Isle of Wight. Diplocynodon is an extinct genus of alligatoroid; they were similar in appearance to the modern caiman and they exploited European waters between the Paleocene and middle Miocene. Bones such as these provide useful information when interpreting a prehistoric environment e.g. the fauna present in the Hamstead beds suggests a predominantly freshwater environment with occasional marine influences. We have three differing specimens available, see descriptions below and chose your desired specimen from the drop down menu:

2 Sockets in Jaw - This fragment contains two empty sockets which measure between 10 and 15 mm in diameter. This animal was most likely fully grown. The largest Diplocynodon ever recovered was only 4 feet in length.

5 Sockets in Jaw - Jaw fragment measures 6 cm in length and is punctuated by 5 empty tooth sockets which measure approximately 5 mm in diameter; it would make an interesting addition to any collection.

Unerupted tooth in jaw - This small jaw fragment is punctuated by 3 sockets which measure approximately 4 mm in diameter. One socket contains a small, sharp unerupted tooth. Modern alligators can regenerate a lost tooth up to 50 times. It is likely that prehistoric alligators could also regenerate teeth and findings such as this one support such interpretations. An interesting collectible item.

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