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Dolerite (Olivine)


Olivine dolerite is a fine grained intrusive igneous rock similar to basalt, these particular rock specimens also contain peridot crystals, hence the name olivine dolerite. Rock specimens come from Clee Hill in Shropshire and are available in various optional sizes.

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Olivine dolerite also known as diabase is a fine grained, mafic crystalline, subvolcanic rock similar to gabbro or basalt. Often black in appearance, it can sometimes be confused with basalt, especially to those who are just being introduced to geology. When viewed under a hand lens small green crystals of olivine (peridotite) can also be seen within the hand specimens, hence the name, overall, the rock is fairly dense due to the containing high amounts of iron. These specimens come from Clee Hill in Shropshire, UK and are supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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