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Drive Belt

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A spare drive belt for use on Beach tumbling machines, fit the 2 lb, 3 lb and 5 lb models. The drive belt connect the machines motor to the robs which tumble the barrel, constant use may see that the belts become damaged over time. Replacing it will ensure your machine runs just as it should.

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Your Beach Tumbling machine may see a lot of use over its life, one of the parts which will see a lot of use is the drive belt, this thin belt conect the motor from the machine to the rods on top which in turn spin your barrel, so tumbling the contents. Over time, this belt may become loose, weak or even damaged through general wear and tear. It is important to constantly cleanand check your machine often, replacing the belt will ensure that your tumbling machine will run smoothly and correctly again. The belt will fit on any of the 2 lb, 3 lb and 5lb tumbling machine manufactured by Beach Lapidary, use on other machines/brands may result in less than optimal performance, damage or injury.

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