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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Economy Pack of Grits

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Economy pack of 3 of the most popular grits used when tumbling minerals, rocks and gemstones. The grits start from coarse and go to fine and polished, supplied in the packs are 80 grit, 400 grade grit and zinc oxide polish to help you through the basics of tumbling from start to finish. Supplied in the following packs and weights:
• 450 grams – 80 Grit (coarse)
• 450 grams – 400 grade (fine)
• 200 grams – zinc oxide polish

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A selection of three of the most commonly used grits when tumbling rock and minerals. This ecnomy pack contains a pack each of 80 grit, which is coarse and ideal for the early stage of tumbling, smothing out rough edges of the barrels contents. A pack of 400 grade, which is fine, this smooths the contents even further so they almost look like smooth pebble you may find at the beach or ina river bed. Finally, a pack of zinc oxide polish, which is for the final stage of tumbling, this gives the now smooth pebble a shining, polished surface. This product is perfect if you are just starting out or need a little bit of a few grits to keep you going. Supplied in separate bags of various weights.

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