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Geological Superstore

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Estwing Big Blue Geological Hammer E6-22BLC


Technical Details:
Head Weight: 566
Head Width: 7″
Overall Length: 13″
Total Weight: 870g
Head Face: 1 1/8″

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The Estwing 'Big Blue' Geological hammer is a heavy weight hammer specifically for hard rock geology, the flat face make breaking and crushing rock a lot easier where as the chisel end allows the user to split rock with little effort. Often used by geologists, and archaeologists, they are particularly useful when there is a need to deliver maximum pressure in order to extract fossils and mineral samples. Like other Estwing products, the hammer is cast in a single piece of steel, and has an anti-shock reduction rubber grip handle.

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Weight 1600 g


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