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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Estwing Geological Hammer E3-23LP (long handle)

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The Estwing E3-23LP long handle geological hammer features a flat face for breaking and crushing rock along side a pointed tip for prying and chipping as well as careful extraction of fossils and crystals from matrix should you require. Constructed from a single piece of drop forged American steel, the hammers longer handle at 40 cm allows you to reach further as well as helping to deliver more force per strike.

Technical Specification:

  • Model – E3-23LP
  • Head weight – 616 grams (22 oz)
  • Construction – Drop forge
  • Material – American steel
  • Finish: Brushed steel
  • Handle – steel with anti-shock vinyl grip
  • Edge: Pointed tip
  • Extras: 40 cm shaft and handle
  • Total weight: 935 g
  • Made in the United States of America


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The Estwing E3-23LP geological hammer is the long handled version of the popular E3-22P. It features a 22 oz head weight (616 grams) and the entire tool is manufactured from drop forged American steel, which gives the hammer a much more solid core. The head features a typical flat face which is useful for crushing and breaking rock apart where as there is a pointed tip on the opposite end. This pointed tip is excellent for splitting and prying as well as careful extraction of fossils and crystals should you require a more delicate touch. This particular model also features a longer handle than the E3-22P, coming in a 16 inches (40 cm). This allows you to use the hammer to get at more difficult to reach areas out in the field as well as producing more force per strike than standard models. The handle is made from Estwings world renowned anti shock vinyl grip with a striking blue colour, should you accidentally misplace the tool, it should be easily visible. An excellent tool which should be counted in all professional geologists kit.

Additional information

Weight 1500 g


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