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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Eureka Pack – Graphite A Natural Pencil

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Eureka science pack containing graphite, natural pencil, a form of pure carbon its crystal structure and hardness allow you to mark almost any surface with it. These pieces of the mineral come supplied in a science pack with an information card. Ideal for children of 6 years of age as an educational gift.

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Eureka science pack containing graphite, the mineral ore used in the manufacture of pencils, these excellent little packs are made at our warehouse in Bolton and come with an information card with details about the mineral inside, in this graphite. A naturally occurring variation of pure carbon, its soft hardness and crystal structure allow it to mark almost any surface, especially paper. For this reason, graphite has since been used for pencils for hundreds of years. An excellent educational science pack ideal for children as a gift or filler item.

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