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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Eureka pack – Pumice – Rocks Which Float

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Eureka pack containing pieces of the igneous rock pumice, which forms in volcanoes, the explosions and mixture of gasses causes the rock to end up being filled with air pockets, making it very light and even float on water. Supplied in a eureka pack with an information card.

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A small Eureka pack which contain some pieces of the igneous rock pumice, known to many as pumice stone, which many will have used at some point during their bath time, where pumice has been used to remove dead or hardened skin. Pumice is an igneous rock which has formed in volcanoes, the mixture of chemicals and gases causing violent explosions, as a result, pumice is fill inside and out with numerous air pockets. These pockets allow the rock the be extremely light weight and even float on water. These packs display this perfectly, they are put together by our selves at our warehouse in Bolton and pieces are hand picked by us, sealed and come with a card header which also contains some information on the rock. Excellent gift idea or stocking filler for children over 5 years old.

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