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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Ezy-Logger™ Goniometer

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Ezy-Logger™ goniometers are small, light weight, robust pieces of equipment use on drilling sites to obtain measurements and orientation from core samples.Clear and cylindrical, the goniometer used Alpha and Beta angles and lineations to assist users, printed with easily read colours, the Ezy-Logger significantly reduces time spent onsite obtaining core readings from traditional methods. Available in all four wireline core sizes, B, N, H and P.

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The Ezy-Logger is an excellent, accurate core logging goniometer which has been designed to be quick and easy to use, significantly reducing time spent calculating and orientating cores in the field. It uses Alpha and Beta angles and lineations within wireline core structures to assist on orientation. Manufactured from robust, hard wearing plastic which is clear, with a cylindrical design, you simply insert your core through the middle to obtain your measurements, making the process much easier than traditional methods with protractors or medical goniometers. On the sides of the logger, a printed protractor is present in both blue and red colours, these allow you to easily identify readings against various rock colours, these are used for measuring the Alpha angles of lineations within the core sample. An excellent piece of equipment, small, light weight and handy for drilling sites utilising wireline core sizes.

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