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Facet Saw

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Faceting saw manufactured by Beach Lapidary in the UK, excellent quality, this machine is ideal for cutting facets into gemstones, it comes with a 100 mm size diamond blade, refillable reosvoir for colling and lubricant and is small and light weight, ideal for bench top working.

Technical Specifications:
• Weight: 3.9 KG (empty)
• Size: 26 x 23 x 16 CM
• Blade Size: 100 MM
• Blade: Diamond
• Power 240 Volt
• Plug: 3 pin UK Standard

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This facet saw manufactured by Beach in the UK is designed to cut small facets (sides and angles) from polished stones, a process known as facetting which gives gemstones their crystal shapes. It comes with a 100 mm diamond blade and also has a refillable reservoir in the base of the machine to facilitate cooling and lubrication. Overal, this is a great bench top product and is ideal for both amateurs and professionals alike, the machines weighs less than 4 kilos and takes up a small amount of space, excellent to use along side tumbling machines, smooth flat surfaces also make it easy to clean and the switch is encased in waterproof rubber to prevent liquid from damaging it, comes with a standard 3 pin UK plug only The blade width is 0.34 mm and spares are available and comes with a 5 year guarentee.

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