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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Field Data Cards Pack

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Geological field data card pack, numerous cards for use in the field, ideal if you work or study in the sectors of earth science. Cards supplied are a grain size card, 3 rock texture cards, igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary, a field scale and specimen cards. An excellent pack ideal for students and professionals alike.

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An excellent pack containing a selection of various, informative and useful field data cards related to earth science, geology, geography and field study. Supplied, all together, this handy pack contains a grain size card, an igneous texture card which details various pieces of diagrams and information pertaining to common grain sizes, textures and sorting of sediments one may encounter in the field.Also included are 3 separate rock texture cards, one each for igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary, each one proving basic information and diagrams regarding various related rock textures you may encounter on your field work such as a classification chart for igneous rocks, various limestone texture on the sedimentary card or a metamorphic facies chart on the mentioned card. Also included is a field scale card which features mm, cm and inches on it to assist you with photography in the field. Helpfully included are specimen data cards, 10 of each for rocks, fossils and minerals, each card has minimal details on them, such as a header, name, locality, horizon and code. These serve as excellent card in the field if you collect any specimens, enabling you to catalogue your samples immediately. Even altogether, the size of these cards only measure from 70 x 45 mm to a maximum of 150 x 70 mm for the grain size card, enable them to be easily stored in most coat pockets or side pockets on rucksacks and trousers, for easy and quick access.

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