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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Fire Opal Chips 50g

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Fire opal chips, varying between 5 to 10 mm in sizes from Mexico, exhibiting a vibrant, powerful orange and red colour with some yellow, very firey, supplied only by weight in lots of 50 grams the pieces will come in a pouch with a data label.

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Fire opal is a gemstone name given to a variety of the mineral opal which tends to be a yellow to orange and at times, red hue of colour. This blend of colours results in some pieces looking quite fiery indeed. This particular variety comes from Mexico, it is red and orange in colour with some yellow, very deep, rich and vibrant, definitely eye catching. The peices are chips, as with most opal, which is a silica mineral, it is naturally shiny and smooth, these pieces have not been polished. Sizes of the pieces range from 5 to 10 mm and is available in lots of 50 gram weights, supplied in a small pouch with a label.

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