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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Flint (1kg)

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Flint, a hard cryptocrystalline silica found as nodules & bands within the Cretaceous Chalk. Supplied by weight in 1 kilo bags.

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Flint, a type of chert, is a hard, cryptocrystalline silica of sedimentary origin. It is often to be found as nodules & irregular masses within sedimentary rocks. Flint is specifically associated with chalk & marly limestones. Whereas common chert occurs in limestones. Flints have a glassy to waxy appearance with a concoidal fracture. They can be found in variety of colours from dark grey-black, brown, green through to yellow & white. Often with a white, rough textured outer layer. Supplied in lots of 1 kilogram in a polythene bag with data label, size of pieces may vary.

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