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Fluorescent Mineral Set

Fluorescent mineral box set containing 10 specimens from various locations which fluoresce vivid and vibrant colours when exposed to UV light. the minerals come housed in a sturdy card box with 10 cell inserts and 2 colour photo key charts which detail the mineral samples inside and their locations as well as their fluorescent colours. The sets optionally comes with a UV lamp or with out, in case you have one already.

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A mineral box set which contains 10 genuine mineral specimens from various localities which all have fluorescent properties, fluorescence, when speaking of minerals usually refers to the minerals ability to absorb ultraviolet rays (light) of a specific wavelength and emit it again, this process then gives the mineral, an often different, vivid and brighter colour which is different from the minerals usual colour when observed in natural light. This set is comprised of 10 such specimens, which while they appear plain and bland, when viewed under a UV light source appear pink, red, greens and more. the minerals samples supplied are approximately 1 to 2 inches and housed in a 10 cell insert which keeps them all separate, this cell is then housed within a sturdy thick card box and comes with a colour photo key chart on the inside of the lid detailing the minerals supplied and their locations as well as a separate colour photo key chart which shows the samples colours when they fluoresce. An excellent set for children, classrooms and collectors it can come supplied as a combination, with our own portable UV lamp (which emits both short and long wave UV light ( short 254 nm and long at 380 nm) or just the set on its own if you already own a UV lamp. The set comes supplied with: gypsum (satin spar), serpentine (tumbled), calcite rhomb, mangano calcite, witherite, aragonite, fluorite, apophyllite, travertine and a quartz geode.

Always wear eye protection when dealing with UV light and radiation, do not look directly into the UV lights. Do not point the lamp directly to any other persons face or your own.

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