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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Fluorite – New Mexico

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Fluorite crystal from Socorro County, New Mexico, USA. Specimens exhibit a vitreous lustre with cubic crystal habit and a pale green colour. Fluorite’s use as an index mineral in Moh’s hardness scale make these samples are ideal for both collectors and novices alike.

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Fluorite specimens (sometimes called fluorspar) originating from Socorro County, New Mexico, USA. This mineral originates primarily from hydro-thermal deposits and contributes to the composition of a number of rocks including granite. Fluorite is a widely accessible mineral, which is used in toothpastes - but is also used as an index mineral within the Moh's hardness scale. These specimens, from the Blanchard mine group, are 25 mm in length and comes supplied in a card tray with text typed on the back.

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