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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Galena with Baryte

Galena with massive baryte from Morocco, showing the two contrasting colours of the off white baryte and metallic blue galena mineral specimens together, both are quite dense yet extremely fragile, these samples were collected from Morocco and available in 3 sizes.

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Galena and baryte (barite) from Morocco, both are two common minerals which are often found together and form as mineral veins in other rocks as well as in each other, both are extremely dense yet both also break or fracture extremely easily, sometimes even shattering into numerous pieces just by being dropped on the floor. These mineral specimens show in excellent detail baryte in its massive form with occurrences of bright blue galena veins with a metallic lustre resulting in two contrasting colours of off white and metallic blue which makes it very attractive to many collectors, the specimens come from Morocco and are available in 3 optional sizes and are supplied in a card tray with an information label.

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