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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Garnet Mica Schist (1kg)

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Garnet Mica Schist . The specimen is mostly muscovite mica schist with a scattering of small pink or red garnets. Collected from Scotland. Supplied by weight, pieces come as they are in various shapes and sizes up to the weight of 1 kilogram. Packed in a polythene bag with an information label.

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Garnet mica schist a foliated, medium-grained metamorphic rock containing small pink garnet porphyroblasts in a matrix of quartz, plagioclase feldspar, muscovite and biotite. Two lithologies are present, a quartz-rich and a mica-rich lithology. The quartz-rich lithology is dominated by quartz with subordinate plagioclase feldspar and minor biotite and muscovite. Biotite is the most abundant mica in the quartz-rich layers. The mica-rich lithology is dominated by muscovite, with minor (<20 vol%) biotite, quartz and plagioclase. Garnet porphyroblasts are present in both lithologies. These examples come from the Loch Tay region of Scotland. Specimens are supplied in labelled card trays. Supplied in 1 kilogram bags with labels.

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