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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

GEBRU Transit Compass Clinometer

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Technical Specification:
– Stratum compass
– Vertical inclinometer with 1° graduations, visible from side and above
– Dip measuring range 270° graduated in 1°
– Brunton style spirit level clinometer +/- 90°, 1° graduations
– Azimuth circle with 1° graduations
– Global needle
– Needle locking mechanism
– Declination adjustable +/- 60°
– Inclination adjustable
– Circular spirit level for horizontal accuracy
– Sighting mirror
– Rugged, light weight aluminised one piece waterproof housing
– Case included
– Dimensions (closed) 72 x 93 x 27.5 mm
– Weight: 330 grams

The latest instrument produced by Breithaupt Kassel, innovators of precision instruments, the GEBRU transit global compass clinometer is similar in many respects to other models offered by this world renowned company, such as the GeKom models. It utilises the same stratum compass azimuth dial and needle as the GeKoms, accurate, robust and trust worthy. However, it has a dual way of obtaining dip and strike readings, both the Dr. Clar method and the Brunton method. A handy hinge inclinometer (also known as a vertical inclinometer) with 1° graduations allows you to quickly and easily obtain dip and strike readings in one go, this is known as the Dr. Clar method. The GEBRU however, also has a spirit level manually operated clinometer which you manually move your self via observing the bubble level until you get the correct reading. This is a common method used in the surveying, forestry and geological industry for obtain dip and strike readings, well known as the 'Brunton method'. All of this is contained within a rugged, robust aluminized housing which is anti magnetic and magnetically resistant and made from once piece, making it strong and waterproof. The dial is protected by scratch resistant perspex and the needle also has a locking mechanism feature allowing users to obtain a directional reading in an awkward position which they may struggle to view, simply lock the needle, bring the instrument closer to you to view and you will have the correct direction. Due to the Brunton method of obtaining data, it is possible to use this transit instrument to also obtain topographical measurements, adding to the already large list of features this device provides. Declination is easily adjustable without opening up the instrument, a circular bubble level is present on the face to ensure you are holding/placing the compass as horizontal as possible and a mirror is on the flip open side of the compass for sighting. Once again, another excellent instrument made in Germany, produced by Breithaupt Kassel.

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