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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

GEKOM Pro Stratum Compass

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Technical data:
– Azimuth dial: diameter 60 mm
– Inner circle diameter 48 mm with interval of graduation 2°
– Reading by estimation 1°
– Numbering every 10°
– Declination adjustment up to 360°
– Declination adjustment without opening the instrument housing
– Dip measuring range 270° graduated in 5° intervals
– Global Magnetic needle red/black
– Needle locking mechanism
– Circular spirit level
– Ruler 50 mm
– One piece waterproof housing
– Dimensions of closed compass (mm) 86 x 70 x 20
– Total weight 240 g

The GeKom pro is the latest model from world renowned manufacturers Breithaupt Kassel, made in Germany with precision engineering, the GeKom Pro is a stratum compass with hinge inclinometer made for rugged use in the field while delivering fast and accurate results. The instrument has a global needle as standard and so works any where in the world. It uses an azimuth dial which has direction readings from 0° to 360, a measuring scale along the instruments side, a vertical bubble level to assist in obtaining accurate results and a hinge inclinometer (inclinometer readings printed on the hinge joint), this along with the azimuth dial allows users to quickly obtain dip and strike reading for geological purposes in one go, this method is known as the 'Dr. Clar method'. The compass needle also has a locking device which allows you to lock the needle in place so that you can move the compass away from an awkward position and still obtain the correct directional reading. An easy declination adjustment screw enables you to alter the declination without having to open up the instrument (as per the previous model) A lanyard is also provided as standard to enable users to keep the compass close by or prevent it from dropping. All of this is housed within a tough, waterproof, rugged aluminised housing which is anti magnetic and magnetitc resistant, with scratch resistant glass and no liquid. An excellent high precision instrument to provide only the best results in the field, suitable for use in many sectors including topographical mapping, geological data collection, surveying, architecture and much more.

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