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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

GEO Hand Lens 10X 21 mm

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This model of our range of hand lenses boasts excellent x 10 magnification optics for clear magnified viewing as well as a large 21 mm diameter viewing area, allowing you to observe more of a sample in one go. This quality loupe is housed in chrome plated stainless steel, providing you with rugged protection for outdoor use. A small hoop is present if you wish to thread your own lanyard through to prevent loss or be able to hang the lens around your neck or wrists for ease of use. All in all, this model is one of our best selling loupes, it’s features enable it to be used across a wide range of fields including geology, geography, sedimentology, botany, entomology and many more as well as being suitable for a variety of levels, from children to amateurs, students to professionals.

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An excellent quality hand lens which provides you with x10 magnification alongside a wider 21 mm diameter viewing field, ideal for those starting out or students on a budget or professionals. This lens is made from a brass body with a chrome finish, giving it a sleek finish as well as being rugged enough for use out in the field. It's wider viewing size is ideal for observing a larger area of minute details that those studying earth science may come across, such as the mineral composition of a rock specimen, the crystal structure of a mineral or fine morphological details of fossil specimens. However, as with many items we supply, it can also be useful for entomologists, geographers studying sediments, botany and more. A small loop is present if you wish to attached a lanyard on it.

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