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Northern Geological Supplies Ltd

“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

GeoSurveyor 008 Compass Clinometer

£75.95 ex VAT

* Azimuth Dial (0 – 360 degrees)
* Abney Level
* 1 degree graduations
* Vertical angles: +/- 90 degrees with vernier reading to 10 minutes
* +/-100% grade with 5% divisions
* Needle Locking mechanism
* Declination Adjustment
* Includes leather case with belt clip
* Works in all magnetic zones

Length = 7.5 cm
Width = 8.5 cm
Hieght = 3 cm
Weight = 256 grams

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Geology Superstore are proud to offer this exceptional surveying compass clinometer. The 'Geo Surveyor pocket transit 008' model is a technical instrument, housed in an Metallic case. It also has a flip open sighting mirror for more accurate bearing readings, and a long and short arm sighting device on each end of the compass. The instrument can be used to obtains dip and strike readings, accurately due to the inbuilt spirit level. A verticle circle locking mechanism is also on the compass and the needle can also be locked. The surveying compass can also be used to obtain vertical readings, height readings and also be used as a level device. The compass is global and will work in all magnetic zones of the world thanks to the inbuilt declination adjuster which will adjust the needle to local magnetic variations.

This compass clinometer is easy to use, robust for use in the field and ideal for professionals in the field of geology, geography, surveying and exploration and comes with a free case which can clip onto a belt.

A product technical specification sheet is available upon request. Please email us.

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Weight 1500 g


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