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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Graphic Feldspar Egg

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Graphic feldspar gemstone eggs are actually carved from a rock, this strange yet unique rock is comprised of both plagioclase feldspar and smokey quartz, their arrangement in the rock gives the egg an almost graphic, linear appearance, at 6 cm tall and 4 cm wide, these eggs from Madagascar are sure to make a perfect gift for someone, supplied with a free plastic egg stand.

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Graphic feldspar gemstone eggs are carved from a rock which is comprised of two minerals, feldspar and smokey quartz, these alignment of these two minerals gives the egg an odd, graphic appearance, making them puzzling to look at, but all the more interesting at the same time. They were carved and polished in Madagascar, making ideal gifts or treats for ones self, where their place on a desk or table will no doubt cause heads to turn due to the pattern they exhibit. Each egg is roughly 6 x 4 cm in size and come supplied with a free plastic stand.

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