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Graphite – Sri Lanka


Graphite mineral specimens from Sri Lanka, well known in the modern day as the ‘lead’ in pencils due to its non toxic chemical composition, these samples of graphite are soft, exhibit a very high metallic lustre and almost silver colouration. Available in 2 sizes and come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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Graphite, a carbon based element and mineral, exhibits typical graphitic texture and cleavage, available in various sizes, each specimen is supplied in a card tray with an information label. Industrially, it is also regarded as the highest form of coal, above anthracite sometimes even being called 'meta-anthracite' However, it is difficult to ignite, and in this sense, has no purpose as a fuel source. However, it has a variety of other industrial use such as in various batteries often used in modern technology including smart phones, tablets and laptops. It is also used in steel production, lining of brakes for cars and motorcycles and of course it's most famous use is in pencils, replacing natural lead form the 16th century on wards after the poisoning effects of lead (galena) became apparent. The graphite used in pencils is often low grade material, usually coming from China, however, these particular samples are of very high grade, they have a very greasy texture and metallic lustre, shining bright under lighting, they come from Sri Lanka and are available in 2 sizes. These mineral specimens of graphite exhibit perfectly what is expected from such a mineral, a dull metallic lustre, greasy feel and fine crystalline texture. Specimens are available in various sizes to choose from and will come in a card tray with a label, caution is advised when handling the specimens as they leave dark marks on hands very easily and can easily transfer on to other surfaces if you do not wash immediately after handling.

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