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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

A Guide To Soil Types

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The ‘Guide to Soil Types’ is a laminated booklet produced by the Field Studies Council, written by Dr. Stephen Trudgill and taking opinions from students from schools to Universities, this excellent guide combines AS/A2 and above levels of soil identification, includes informative descriptions as well as work projects intended for the users to fill in, giving them the chance to work along with the guide.

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The 'Guide to Soil Types' is a fine publication produced by the Field Studies council. Intended for use at AS/A2 and above, the guide contains two soil identification keys: an introductory soil key which is designed to enable beginners to identify major soil groups; then, a more advanced soil types key to subdivisions of soil types. Rather than disappointing students when they invariably don't find the 'ideal' brown earth or podsol in the field, the keys encourage users to focus on the effects of water movement, aeration and organic matter which can be observed in all soils. Various tasks and work are features with blanks to allow you to systematically go through the guide whilst in the field to assist you in identifying different soil strata. Tested extensively in conjunction with school and university students, this new revised guide combines the expertise of Dr. Stephen Trdugill, a man with an extensive career and a wealth of knowledge pertaining to Geography behind him with the opinions of students from a wide age range to bring you this simplistic, yet very informative guide.

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