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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Hematite Gemstone Bottle

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Hematite gemstone bottles, filled with over 25 ml worth of tumbled and polished silver hematite. Each glass bottle is 50 x 30 mm in size and sealed with cork, an excellent gift item for those interested in gemology and minerals. Hematite was once mined through out the UK and is a major iron ore mineral. Each bottle comes with a label, detailing the contents.

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Hematite gemstone bottles, moderate sized glass bottle measuring 50 x 30 mm in size containing around 25 ml worth of the iron mineral, hematite, which has been cleaned, tumbled and polished, giving the usually, earthy red coloured mineral a shining, silver colour. The chip are between 2 to 4 mm in size and are mostly rounded, placed within the bottle and sealed off with a cork stopper. Hematite is an iron ore mineral, once mined extensively in the UK, it naturally has a ochre red colour and esily leaves marks on many surfaces, often forming with a botryoidal crystal habit (where the surface of the mineral looks like bubbles), it was also commonly referred to as 'kidney ore'. These bottles are ideal for children who are developing an interest in minerals, an excellent little stocking filler.

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