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Kidney Ore – Cumbria UK


Hematite kidney ore specimen from Frizington, Cumbria, UK. Displays red-brown colouration, metallic lustre and eponymous botryoidal ‘kidney’ texture. A one-off, this specimen comes supplied with a white card tray and information label.

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Kidney Ore is a unique type of hematite, named due to its reniformed and botryoidal texture which gives the appearance of a kidney shape. This particular specimen is of red-brown colour with metallic lustre and displays the eponymous kidney texture, appearing as bubbles across the surface. This particular sample was found in the Parkside mine of Frizington, West Cumbria UK. It measures 75 x 60mm in size and with its distinct botryoidal crystal habit, it is sure to make an excellent addition to any mineral collection, particularly those of you interested in collected ore samples or British pieces.The sample was originally from an older collection, and will come supplied in its original specimen tray with type writer label.

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