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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Igneous Rock Texture Card

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The igneous rock texture card is made for earth science students, it displays numerous bites of information on how to determine an igneous specimen found in the field such as grain size, silica and mineral content and other observable features. The cards have been laminated, making them waterproof, small, the size of a bank card and an excellent to hand guide for students, amateurs and professionals.

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The igneous field data card contains information of igneous rock textures you will commonly find in the field as well as some of the more common igneous rocks such as basalts, granites, gabbros and more. IT displays a guide on how to determine a rock sample by observing it's silica and texture content and offers data on the temperatures that lead to its formation. The card has been laminated so is waterproof and wont rip, making it ideal for students and also professional geologists, having a handy reference available at short notice, especially if you are about to partake in your field mapping projects.

(Please note: you only get a single card, the image merely displays what is printed on each side of the card)

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