“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Isle Of Man Scottish Landscape Guide

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Isle of Man, an emerging center for private space commerce, the birthplace of Olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish, home to the world famous Isle of Man TT Motorcycle race. However, this island would not be what it is without millions of years of fashioning of geology as detailed in this spectacular book.

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The rocks and landscapes of the Isle of Man tell a fascinating story - one that began in the distant geological past, hundreds of millions of years ago. By exploring the islands dramatic coastline and hills we can find rocks that were formed in an ancient ocean, desert plains, tropical seas and underwater volcanoes. In more recent geologcal times mighty ice sheets advanced over the Isle of Man and shaped the bare bones of the landscape we see today. Since then, the pounding seas, rivers and weather have contributed to a constantly changing landsacape. A new chapter in the evolution of the landscape when people arrived on the island. Ancient rocks became distinctive building stones, and minerals yielded valuble metals. This book describes the geological processes that have fomred the Isle of Man's unique rock and spectacular landscape, and how Manx people through the ages have used the rocks around them.

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