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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Jurassic Fossils from Lincolnshire Framed Sculpture


An excellent piece of art work exhibiting genuine Jurassic period fossil specimens found in Lincolnshire, UK. Feautring ammonites, gryphaea, belemnites and more. The fossils have been profesisonally preppared and mounted into a deep frame, giving them a 3D feel, cleaned and lacquered,. A unique piece of artwork by Barry Hilton – BSc of ‘Fossil Art’, one which is sure to turn heads.

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A framed sculpture depiciting various marine fossil specimens from the Jurassic period, particularly, the Lower Lias beds, from the UK, the fossils were all collected from Lincolnshire and are dated to between 180 to 200 million years old. The fossils contained are: belemnite, gryphaea bivalves, bone fragments and ammonites, which have been professionally prepared, lacquered and mounted by Barry Hilton - BSc of 'Fossil Art', an excellent fossil prepper. Ensuring they look amazing, and will do so for many decades to come.The piece has been mounted into a deep picture frame, the overall dimensions of which are: 23 x 23 x 6 cm, with the actual piece being 9 x 10 cm over all. It is another fantastic piece by this professional and certainly one which will gain attention where ever you place it, as it is liekly very few will own one as well, with each piece being different. The sculpture depicted in the image will be the exact one you receive.

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