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K and R Alpin Compass Clinometer

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Kasper and Richer Alpin geological compass clinometer, made from tough, durable plastic, features a sapphire needle, clinometer arm luminescent markings, various scales and rulers as well as a thermoelastic fluid capsule, which expands and contracts with the dampening fluid, eliminating bubbles forming.

Technical Specificaitons:
• Thermoelastic fluid capsule and long needle with sapphire bearing
• Luminescent markings
• Magnifier Lens
• 1:25.000 and 1:50.000 Scales
• cm and Inch Ruler
• Dimensions: 105 x 62 x 16 mm
• Weight: 67 grams
• Needle: Northern hemisphere only

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Kasper and Richer Alpin geological compass clinometer boasts plenty of features as expected these days of your usual compass clino, however, this precision made instrument goes a step above the rest in its category. It comes with northern hemisphere needle with a luminescent tip, inclination agnle scale, a clinometer needle, luminescent markings for use in the dark.Made fro mtough plastic, it also features a magnifier lens, a ruler with both cm and inch markings, a
Plan display and two scales, which are 1:25.000 and 1:50.000. It's long base also gives it a long orientation guide something shorter compasses don't tend to have. A hinged lid with a sighting mirror and three sighting points is also present for performing triangulation. However, this compasses top feature is it's thermoelastic fluid capsule in which the sapphire bearing needle sits. Unlike its competitors, which use rigid, hard plastic for the needle capsule, the use of a thermoelastic fluid capsule allows the dampening liquid inside to expand and contract as and when, as the temperature changes. This results in the capsule not developing any bubbles (a problem which can effect the needle settling, losing precision readings). This all rough excellent compass is certainly making headways into their competitors markets. Another fine example of precision German engineering.

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