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Kimmeridge Clay

Kimmeridge clay is a fine grained sedimentary rock of Jurassic age, it can contain various fossils from invertebrates to large fauna such as dinosaurs and crocodiles. These specimens come from Kimmeridge, Dorest, UK and are available in various sizes.

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Kimmeridge clay is a clay variation which is of marine origin, as such it can contain various fossils within it, often a variety of invertebrate fossils, however, some larger fauna specimens have been found at times such as plesiosaurs, fish and crocodiles. The clay its self is a grey colour and very fine and silt like. The clay its self is named from its type location, the village of Kimmeridge along the Dorset coast, UK. It is of Jurassic age and is regarding as one of the most economically important rocks in all of Europe as it has distinctive physical properties, log responses, and palynological signature in petrographic exploration, thus making it a major source rock for oil fields in the North Sea hydrocarbon province. These specimens come from this very location and may exhibit fragments of fossils, usually white in colour. Specimens are supplied in a white card tray with an information label and are available in 3 sizes.

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