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Kyanite – Brazil

High quality kyanite mineral specimens exhibiting a rich blue colour and long, bladed crystals. These samples come from Minas Gerais in Brazil, they may also contain quartz as well, indicating a pegmatite origin. Specimens are available in various sizes and come in a card tray with an information label.

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Kyanite is a rich blue coloured silicate mineral, even the name is derived from the 'kyanos' which means 'deep blue'. It often forms in pegmatites and so is found along side other minerals such as quartz and feldspars, its presence will often indicate a high pressure metamorphic environment, and being one of few, is also used as an index mineral when determining metamorphic depth and pressure. Such details as this allow geologist to build up a picture of plate tectonics over a period of given time. It has a bladed crystal habit, which can be easily seen in our images, however the blades are fragile and can break easily if handled harshly. Specimens may also show quartz. These pieces come from Minas Gerais in Brazil, a famous locality known for producing excellent mineral samples. We have numerous sizes in stock (see drop down menu).

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