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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Leiotomaster bosei

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• Geological Age: Eagle Ford Shale, Upper Cretaceous period, 96 to 90 million years old.
• Location: Terrell County, Texas, USA
• Family: Echinoderm
• Species: Leiotomaster bosei

Leiotomaster bosei fossil echinoid specimens from the famous Eagle Ford Shale formation in Texas, USA, these samples are an off white colour with a globular, heart like shape. Features such as ambulacra are easily visible, each fossil measures around 1 cm in diameter, though small, they are excellent for serious collectors, especially of American fossils.

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Leiotomaster bosei Echinoid from the Eagle Ford Shale Formation of Terrell County, Texas, USA. These particular specimens date back to the Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian to Turonian. These examples measure approximately 1 cm in diameter and due to their small size much of their morphological detail is hard to see. Nevertheless they are a highly sought after species because they are representative of the time when much of Texas was covered by an eperic sea during the Upper Cretaceous. Each specimen is sold individually within a small plastic bag with an information label.

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