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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Linarite Mounted on Base

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Linarite mineral specimens approximately 20 to 30 mm in size with eye catching blue colours, the samples come from Socorro County, New Mexico, USA and are excellent pieces for serious collectors, especially of American minerals. The pieces come mounted on a base polystyrene base and are supplied in a card tray with details printed on.

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Linarite is a popular sought after mineral by collectors due to its vibrant, intense blue colouration. It forms from oxidisation of galena and various copper sulphides, and was first identified in 1822 and named after the Linares Plateau in Spain. Due to its colour, it is often confused with azurite, though a simple hydrochloric acid test can differentiate between this. These particular specimens are an eye catching blue colour along with occurrences of white quartz, they are small in size, approximately 20 to 30 mm in length and come from the well known Socorro County locality in New Mexico, USA. They pieces have been mounted on to polystyrene base and placed with an card tray with the details of them typed directly onto the tray. Excellent samples for serious collectors, especially those who are interest in samples from the Americas or the USA.

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