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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Liopleurodon Bones Cut and Poloished

• Geological Age: Jurassic period, 157 to 152 millions years old
• Location: Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK
• Family: Pliosaur
• Species: Liopleurodon

Fossil bones belonging to Liopleurodon, the apex predator of the Jurassic oceans. These specimens were found in the Kimmeridgian beds of Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK in and are cut and polished, available in various sizes, they are great for collectors, gifts or educational use. The pieces will come supplied in a card tray with a label.

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During the middle Jurassic, Liopleurodon were the apex predator of the sea. It's name translates from Greek to "smooth-sided tooth", and it is estimated to have grown to 6.4 m (21 ft) in length. Belonging to the pliosauridae family, these specimens were part of Liopleurodon's meter long fins. These specimens - discovered in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK; have been cut and polished from genuine material, which is rough an natural on most sides and exhibits an earthy-brown colouration. The cut and polished side allows you to view the internal structures of the bones, which is of great use to geologists and paleontologist, as well as serious fossil collectors supplied with information cards within display card boxes. Available in a variety of sizes.

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