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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Dolomite With Malachite

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Dolomite with malchite crystal beds, found in Bou Azzer, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco with occasional deposits of selenite which although transparent will glimmer under certain light angles, excellent mineral specimens with a variety of contrasting colours, available in various sizes.

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Dolomite with malchite crystal beds, collected from Bou Azzer, Ouarzazate Province, Morocco. Some samples may show a slight coating of selenite which will shimmer under certain light angles. Dolomite is an important sedimentary and metamorphic mineral, found in dolostones and metadolostones, and as an important mineral in limestones and marbles where calcite is the major mineral present. These particular specimens of dolomite are speckled with occurrences of malachite crystals and may have a slight coating of selenite which appears as a transparent crystal on the surface of the dolomite and malachite crystals beneath it. Specimens are supplied in a white card tray with a information label.

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