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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Meridian Pro Geological Compass


Technical Specification:
◦ Adjustable high precision prism-system made of B270 mineral – for precision readings
◦ Inclination angle scale with percentage and gradient scale
◦ 1/4 inch thread for attaching the compass to a tripod
◦ Black metal case and lid
◦ Lid with window, direction lines and protective brackets
◦ Metal rotary ring with luminescent 360° scale
◦ Thermo-elastic capsule with 360° precision compass rose
◦ Spirit-level
◦ Ruler with cm and inch markings
◦ North symbol, bearing lines and index luminescent
◦ N/S and E/W lines
◦ Conversion tables for degrees/mils, percentage/gradient, width/distance
◦ Thumb holder ring made of metal
◦ With leather pouch
◦ Made in Germany

Unit size 99 x 63 x 30 mm
Weight 210 g

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The Meridian PRO geological compass is made in Germany by the well known Kasper Richter brand, it is a multi-purpose, heavy and accurate compass all within a robust metal housing and lid. The lid has a window with a bearing indicator and guard. The instrument has a metal bezel which displays a 360° scale and a floating thermo-elastic fluid 360° compass capsule allowing for fluid easy movment of the compass needle which stops it from sticking. Each degree is marked and each 10° numbered. A reverse course scale, prism (precision bearing reading), N/S and E/W lines, spirit level and a clinometer are integrated. As a compass aimed at professionals, the Meridian PRO can also be utilised as a theodolite or geological compass. Inch and cm ruler, north marker, direction arrow and fluorescent index, ¼ inch threaded tripod socket in the base, conversion table degrees/Mils, percent gradient, width/distance and thumb ring complete the generous specifications on offer with this compass.

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Weight 2100 g


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