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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Mineral Gift Box

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An excellent value mineral gift box, containing a range of mineral, gemstone and crystal specimens from around the world, housed within a sturdy card gift box. Items include magnifier boxes, tumblestones, gemstone chips, dug your own kits and bottles. Everything comes labelled and packed securely along with a plastic magnifier lens, ideal for children from ages 10 and up for a treat or present.

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The mineral gift box is the perfect gift for children from the ages of 10 years and up, it boasts a fascinating range of genuine minerals, gemstones and crystals from around the world in various formats as well a plastic magnifier lens. All of these items come neatly packed into a gift box which you can present the set in, as well as using it as a handy storage box for the items from then on. The items contained within are mostly random, however, we ensure that you will not receive any duplicates what so ever, e.g: You will not receive two gemstone bottles containing both the same minerals. Included in this wonderful gift pack are: 1 mineral in a large magnifier box, 1 mineral in a small magnifier box (both boxes boast a x 4 magnification lid), 2 gemstone chips in round pots, 2 gemstone bottles, 1 dig your own mineral/gemstone kit, 1 pack of 250 grams of mixed tumblestones and 1 plastic magnifier lens. The specimens contained are all labelled so that your child can easily identify them and come safely packed in their respective forms and then within the box. An excellent gift idea for your little one either as a treat, birthday or Christmas present, it is sure to be eye catching and peak their interest in minerals and gemstones.

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