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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Miscellaneous Teeth

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Species Name: Miscellaneous Teeth

Family: Fish

Age: Eocene, Bracklesham Beds, 55 to 33 Mya.

Location: Lee on Solent, Hampshire

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Miscellaneous Teeth collected from the Eocene Bracklesham Beds of Lee on Solent in Hampshire. It is undetermined from which creature these teeth originated. They vary in size and shape and don't belong to one organism in particular, rather they belong to numerous different species. The teeth measure between 4 and 6 mm; most are narrow and sharp and are supplied in a small plastic bag. The Bracklesham beds in which these teeth were found were laid down on a shallow marine shelf, they have yielded fossils of over 160 different species of fish and are particularly well know for yielding abundant shark teeth. The beds continue to be productive today despite having been pillaged by collectors for over 100 years.

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