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“Bringing The Past, Into the Future”

Mookaite Tumblestone

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Mookaite tumblestones, varying in size between 10 to 20 mm, a variety of jasper it is a mix of brick red and dark yellow, mottled. The pieces of mineral have been tumbled and polished giving them a smooth feel and brighter look. Pieces are available as singles or in set amounts.

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Mookaite is a variety of jasper, in this case, a variety of coloured jaspers, most commonly yellow and brick red. These mookaite tumblestones vary in sizes between 10 to 20 mm, they come available as a single piece or in set amounts, with discounts. It is a form of jasper, and can sometimes be seen,especially with the red colour, but is also mottled with yellow spots. The pieces have been tumbled and polished to give them a smooth and shining appearance, making them perfect for little gifts.

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